Field Trip Reggio Emilia and San Patrignano


June 29-30 – duration: 2 Days

In the very heart of Emilia Romagna, to find out more about social enterprises who've made their name at an international level, requalifying the territory, creating their own innovative educational courses, and giving young people suffering from serious addictions the chance to start again, find a job and once more be part of society, encouraging them to act with enthusiasm, passion and a will to change.

Maximum number of participants: 26**
For organizational purposes, tickets for this field trip can be purchased only until June 21th 2015.

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The field trip includes visits to the following social enterprises:


Reggio_2Ex Polveriera
La Polveriera was set up by a consortium of social cooperatives to requalify the area of the city’s old military powder magazine near the old town center, with an initial surface area of 2,400 m2, which was expanded as the project developed to over 3,000 m2. We’ll visit the area which is being used to develop an innovative service center for citizens, enterprises and institutions to find out more about the people involved.


Reggio_4Vite Restaurant Social Enterprise
The Vite Restaurant opened in the San Patrignano rehabilitation center in 2008. The people in the kitchen work under the guidance of a star chef and the restaurant staff is made up of many young men and women from the rehabilitation center who can benefit from first-hand work experience as assistant cooks or waiters/waitresses after graduating from professional hotel-management schools. The name Vite is apt: Vite or Vine, like the plants that cover the hills of San Patrignano; Vite or Life which represents the very center of the educational path in the rehabilitation center; Life like that of the young men and women who now work in the restaurant after leaving their past as social outcasts behind; here they have once more found their enthusiasm, passion and the will to change.


logo secondario orizzSan Patrignano Rehabilitation Center
From 1978 to today San Patrignano has welcomed over 25,000 young men and women with serious drug addictions, all completely free-of-charge and without asking their families or the Italian State for any kind of contribution. Some of the people at San Patrignano have been admitted after converting their sentences and choosing rehabilitation as an alternative to jail. Over 4,000 prison years have been converted into rehabilitation programs aiming to reintegrate young offenders fully into a social context. San Patrignano also promotes prevention through initiatives both in the rehabilitation center and elsewhere in Italy. We’ll spend a day in San Patrignano to see the many economic activities organized there that represent the main source of income for the rehabilitation center.

** Alternative trips will be proposed if the minimum number of participants isn’t reached.
The Price includes: travel by private coach, entrance to Social Enterprises, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 night in a private room